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Your investment includes my time and my expertise. I use the latest photography equipment and software to take and edit your photos. After our photo session I take the images and edit them until I feel they are just right. I may add some effects, or change them to black and white or whatever it takes to make them look the best. I strive to make your images look as natural as possible and will not over edit your images. With over 15 years of experience with photoshop and other graphics programs you can rest assured that you will get the best quality files.

Once I am done editing I will send you a private link for a preview. This is your opportunity to see the pictures and ask for any changes. Once you have approved them, I burn them to a disc and mail them out to you. What? Your computer doesn’t have a place to load a disc? No problem I can provide a download link for you.

How many pictures will you get?

There is no limited number of images that I give my clients. I will give you as many pictures as I can. I do not hold your images hostage and make you pay extra for them, they are your pictures. All pictures will be on thumb drive or download at their highest resolution for you to do what you wish. I do post them on this website and on facebook to showcase my work. If you wish to not have them posted online please let me know ahead of time.

How long will it take to get your pictures?

For everything but weddings it will take me 2-3 weeks. I usually get them done sooner and may send you some previews during that time. If you have a specific deadline please let me know and I will see if I can meet your needs.

Where are the photoshoots at?

Anywhere you like in the Baltimore Washington Metro area. Outside the area additional mileage charges will apply. I frequent many of the popular parks in Baltimore and Harford counties.  A lot of parks now require permits so please be sure  let me know where you want to go so I can do the research.

What to wear?

According to my wife I should not be handing out fashion advice.  However you should dress comfortably and in clothes that you like. Try to avoid solid white shirts and shirts with a lot of patterns. If one person has a pattern try to have the other with a solid. Kids dress them how you like. The more comfortable they are the easier it is for them to cooperate. Here is a good source on how to dress. http://clickitupanotch.com/2013/10/what-to-wear-in-family-photos-5/  

Now, I may not know what the latest fashion trends are but I do know really makes my job that much harder. Below are some issues that I have come across through the years. 

• Glasses — glasses can give off glare you cant help it and neither can I. We are not in a studio and the dynamics of each pose change constantly. If you have another option you may want to consider it. I try my best to eliminate glare but it still happens.

• Transition lenses — More importantly than glasses is if you have transitions. Please bring a pair of normal glasses if glasses are a must. You will not be happy if in all of your photos it looks like your wearing sunglasses.

• Vests/sweaters with popped collars. As with the glasses I try to spot it and deal with it. Popped collars tend to make weird shadows and cover faces. I have some new equipment to help with shadows but its not full proof and does nothing to keep the collars from covering faces. The worst cases of shadows are with little kids 3 and under. They will be held a lot and tend to be kind of scrunched up making the collar cover their face and make a weird shadow on mom or dad.

• Rosy cheeks — If anyone in your group tends to be a little red in the face do yourself a favor and avoid wearing too much red/pink. I can reduce the rosiness in peoples faces. if they are wearing red hues it tends to make the rosiness stand out more.

Do you photograph just families?

Nope, I can do events, weddings, realestate and product shots. Contact me with your inquiry and I let you know if Im equipped to do the job. 

Permits / Insurance?

Many locations require permits. At my favorite locations I either have the permits or request them when needed. Some places are a yearly permit some are per shoot. Most are free but some are not. If the location you want requires a fee for the permit and is only good for that shoot then additional charges may apply.  

Yes, I carry business owners insurance and can provide documentation if needed.


Our pets are part of our family. I don't have a problem including them with your photo session as long as the location allows. But I am not the dog whisperer. If you have to muzzle or hold back fido for a normal walk then a photo session is not going to be ideal. Most locations for shoots have lots of other people, pets, wildlife, streams, and fields (plenty of distractions). Please be sure to bring a helper to hold the pet when they are not being photographed. I will not hold on to a leash while trying to use my equipment. We must respect all park rules if we bring our pets, so clean up bags and leashes are a must. I do not charge extra to include your pets but the quantity of pictures will most likely be reduced as its much harder and time consuming to get fido to smile on que.  I do not recommend pets for the mini session days, there simply isn't enough time.

2022 Pricing:

Regular Session: $150 Location of your choice (within 25 mile radius of Bel Air, MD, outside that area I'll have to include travel time). Regular session based on single family unit (2-6 people, i.e. mom, dad, kids). Usually lasts 1-2 hours depending on the location and available smiles.

Extended Family/Group Session: (Contact me for pricing) Location of your choice (within 25 mile radius of Bel Air, MD, outside that area I'll have to include travel time). Usually lasts 1-2 hours depending on the location and available smiles. This is for getting the entire family together, mom, dad, brother and kids, sister and kids, grandma, grandpa, etc.

Mini Session: TBD Keep a lookout for Mini Session Days. I offer 1 hour session days a few times a year. Locations vary. Time slots book quickly so act quickly when I post the dates. Dates are posted to this page and my facebook page: www.facebook.com/JKChristopherCreations

Maternity/Senior Portraits: $125 Location of your choice (within 25 mile radius of Bel Air, MD, outside that area I'll have to include travel time). Lasts about an hour.

Newborn: $275  Location of your choice (within 25 mile radius of Bel Air, MD, outside that area I'll have to include travel time), usually during the first 2 weeks after birth. This lasts as long as the model cooperates, usually between 2 and 3 hours. I will provide a few props and backdrops. If you have any other unique ideas let me know.

Weddings: Hurry these rates wont last long.

Engagement Session: $150 Location of your choice (within 25 mile radius of Bel Air, MD, outside that area I'll have to include travel time). Usually lasts 1-2 hours. Keep your eye out for special mini session deal days that offer a discounted price on regular sessions.

Base: $2,000 includes 6 hours of ceremony/reception coverage and all rights to edited pictures on a disc.

Base + Engagement: $2,100 includes 6 hours of coverage at the ceremony/reception plus an engagement shoot (about 1-2 hours depending on location) and all rights to edited pictures on a disc.

Extra coverage: $150/hour

Don't see what you are looking for?

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Gift Certificates are Available!

Do you have a friend that would love to have their pictures done but just can't make the commitment? Get them a gift certificate from JKChristopher Creations. Gift certificates are good for one regular photo session.

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